Annie (out_there) wrote in melbourne_slash,

Dinner, Saturday Night

As stated in my LJ:

Saturday night we'll be going to the Spaghetti Tree.

Where: 59 Bourke St (near where Hard Rock Cafe used to be)

When: 6pm, Saturday 08/12/07. We'll leave about 7.30pm to get to Her Majesty's Theatre by 8pm.

Prices: $16-$18 for pasta and $20-$25 for main meals (Thank you, slashybits!)

Who: out_there (and my mum), in_the_bottle, delurker and probably slashybits. I've booked in for six people in case anyone else wants to come for a meal.

I think everyone has my mobile number, but if anyone needs it, I'll post it in a screened comment.
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