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Melbourne Meet--Help and Feedback Needed

Crossposted to slashers_in_aus.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm interested in setting up a meet. I made some enquiries and pulled some strings and finally with some help, I manage to secure a deal to hire a function room and projector to show stuffs on a big screen.

The venue will be in Northcote Town Hall and I need help and feedback in regards to the date(s) that is most convenient for the members of this community. I'm thinking late November/early December Saturdays, 25th November, 2nd December or 16th December (9th December is booked out). I need the date set by the end of this month (October 2006) to secure the date.

I also need help and feedback on the titles we will be showing on the day and the format, and any other things we might do that weekend. The titles/episodes shown must not be (1) from the series' season currently showing in Australian TV (2) movies released on DVD region 4. The booking will be for 5 hours (6 episodes).

This will be the only meet I plan for the time being, if there are enough people interested to do a regular meet, we can probably run a monthly or bimonthly meet with a membership fee because it costs me around $125-150 to arrange this meet and I can't afford to shell that much every month/two months esp. since I'm currently unemployed and living on my saved salary.

I'm also thinking of showing yaoi (Japanese version of slash) titles for the last one or two hours of the session, showing titles like Gakuen Heaven or Princess Princess (they'll be voted on too).

In regards to what we can show, we can definitely show the TV series that are currently not shown in Australian TV, such as Stargate Atlantis, Psych, The Sentinel, Starsky and Hutch, etc. I'm not sure about showing CSI (9 eps behind) and CSI NY (13 eps behind), since they're currently showing only a few episodes behind US. I don't know how far Australian TV is with: Smallville, Supernatural, NCIS, CSI Miami, Numb3rs, House, and a lot of other TV series (I'm not a big TV watcher).

Some examples of movies that never reached region 4 are Bishonen no Koi and Water Boys.

The format of the screening I'm thinking about is to show about two episodes (1.5 hours) of two or three series (total of three to four and a half hours) and show one to four episodes of a yaoi title or two.

Please post your feedback and thoughts. Please pass the word :) any help is a life saver! *hugs*
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I can do the 2nd or 16th of December. I can provide DVDs of THe X Files (all seasons), Red Dwarf (most seasons), and Scrubs.
X-Files! How could I forgot that? Will pen in for 2nd or 16th. Red Dwarf is not currently running in Aus TV, I think... so that's a possibility. I think I saw a Scrub episode recently, but not sure what season it was?
I have Scrubs seasons one to three, and as far as I know they're currently airing season five... I think.

I'll start picking slashy XF eps.
Thanks for that :) I just realized the possibility of titles are just too wide for the 5 hours. Might do a poll sometime next week with one title from old shows, one title from a show that never got to Australia (is there any?) and maybe another title that's new? Or is genre-based a better approach?
I think genre-based is a good idea.
Ok, if it's genre-based, what do we have? Sci-fi, crime, drama, thriller, comedy, and anime. Did I miss any? 1 ep TV show is around 45 minutes, 1 ep of anime is around 25 minutes. Guh, 'tis tight.
Extremely cool idea, although Nov 25 is out for me. Mind you, for me, it would come down to an issue of whether or not I was working that weekend and getting to Northcote (I live in Geelong) but I still think a Melbourne meetup is way cool.

Numb3rs isn't currently on TV, so it's got to be behind. House has just finished screening S2 and Smallville is at the start of S5, I think. I'm trying to think of things I could vulunteer, but my DVD collection isn't actually too big.

In fact, the only series I have on DVD (as opposed to avi files on DVD-roms) are Firefly, BtVS, Scrubs and Nip/Tuck (which while slashy is also gruesomely medical and not suitable for a mass viewing).
Are you alright with either 2nd or 16th December? House seems to be up-to-date in that case, they've only got up to ep 5 or 6 of season 3 in US. Smallville is around a season late.

The files doesn't have to be DVD quality, I was told the projector that we're using is good to show avi files. DVD quality is best, of course, but if the demand is great I think AVI files would be alright.

Thanks!! *hugs*
I'd personally prefer the 2nd, only because I have a work christmas dinner on the 16th, and I've heard tell that the event can get roudy and involve a lot of alcohol. Hence, I can't absolutely vouch that I'd be sober enough on the 16th to show.

The files doesn't have to be DVD quality, I was told the projector that we're using is good to show avi files. DVD quality is best, of course, but if the demand is great I think AVI files would be alright.

Actually, I've been thinking about that. My latest fannish love is Jeeves and Wooster, and I've been threatening for ages to have people over to my place for a weekend to celebrate the Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie goodness of that series.

If you can screen avi files, maybe we could show the first episode of that series. (About 50 minutes) The show itself was done in the early '90s, but I don't know if it ever got screened here, so it should be fine that way.

It's fun, and snarky, and slashy. And my latest obsession. And totally deserves more people to know about it. *points to icon hopefully*
LOL. OMG, that expression (Hugh Laurie icon) is SO him! It looks like the 2nd will be the date, considering 16th is too close to Christmas and people would want to bustle with their families by then.

The titles will be put in a vote in a few days, if it doesn't... we can always have a marathon of this series sometime after New Years. If many others are interested in having marathons of other series, we can always have a smaller group sessions. This meet will hopefully connect fans from different fandoms together so they can share their obsession with others, if they're interested.
Is it accesible by public transport? If so, I'm there!
And I definetly vote for Gakuen Heaven!
We should show Big Eden...it's one of the best queer movies I've ever seen....*hides in a corner* just my opinion!
You can get there by taking a tram from Bourke St. in CBD, tram route 86 stop 31 (details on how to get there here).

Big Eden? Do you mean this movie? Awww... unrequited love *sniffs* Do you have a source?

*put a ballot into the Gakuen Heaven box*
Cool! Thanks for that! :) I shall endevour to make my way there.
If you need a source for Big Eden, I can rent it from my local video store.
It's really good, and it has a happy ending which is the most awesome thing.
Yay happy queer movies!
Hmm... even if we don't show it I might be interested to watch it at some stage, sounds like a lovely story and it's rated above 7 at IMDB, anything above 7 at IMDB are usually more than decent. Looking forward to see you there! (If I don't see you sooner)