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Title Poll Results

Poll is in, Supernatural, Red Dwarf, Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, Gakuen Heaven/Ouran High School Host Club are selected. I need help with Red Dwarf since I don't have a source. I will be in the city (Melbourne CBD) near Flinder's St. tomorrow around noon, if someone can lend me a source, it will be very helpful :)

I haven't finished watching Supernatural, so I'd like people to suggest episodes to me. So far I can suggest:

Supernatural: Season 1 episode 1, Season 1 episode 16
Firefly: Ariel
Stargate Atlantis: Duet, The Return 1
Gakuen Heaven: episode 8
Ouran High School Host Club: episode 1, episode 20

Please put in your suggestions!!

PS: The titles that are in tied will be chosen further depending on other factors (time suitability, episode suggestions, a reasonably good source, etc.)
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