loki_niflheim (loki_niflheim) wrote in melbourne_slash,

Hello everyone

I'm actually not new in the community, I think I joined some months ago but got out of touch while I volunteered for Commonwealth Games and then Manifest. I thought I'd say 'Hi' and give a big hug to sora_ishida, who's currently not in the country. I started from yaoi fandom in 1999 and slowly gravitated to slash. At the moment I'm almost entirely slash-oriented, but keeping a toe in yaoi fandom. I'd love to meet the members of this list and is interested in organising a meet, but my house can only fit a small number of people and I have a housemate who likes his peace and quiet :). Any suggestions? If I organised a meet in a hired space, what is a reasonable fee to cover the cost of the meet (I'm thinking screening of TV serials--not sure what, can be voted later, I think). Anyone interested in helping me organising this? Thanks.
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